IMPORTANT: The conference is scheduled in hybrid mode, on-site (our priority), and virtual for participants who cannot travel due to the covid situation. Due to this situation, all accepted papers will have to be presented in oral mode: 20 minutes (15 minutes for oral presentation and 5 minutes for questions).

Tecnical program: Download PDF version

  09h45   Official opening 
      Khalifa Djemal, William Puech, Jean-Yves Didier, University Paris-Saclay / University of Montpellier
  10h00 Tutorial T1 Image quality assessment and saliency modelling
      Liu Hantao, Cardiff University, UK
    Chairs Aladine Chetouani, University of Orléans
  11h00   Coffee break
  11h30 Tutorial T2 Computer-Aided Diagnosis on Medical Images : Application to neurodegenerative diseases classification tasks
      Mouloud Adel, Aix-Marseille University, France
    Chairs Caroline Petitjean, University of Rouen
  12h30   Lunch
Special Session 1 14h00 Title Advances in variational image processing
    Chairs Noémie Debroux, Marie-Ange Lebre, Odyssée Merveille, Antoine Vacavant, University of Clermont Auvergne / CREATIS Lyon
Invited speaker 1 14h05 Title Unfolding proximal algorithms
      Jean-Christophe Pesquet, University of Paris Saclay, France
  15h00 P29 Analysis of the weighted Van der Waals-Cahn-Hilliard model for image segmentation
      Carole Le Guyader, Zoé Lambert, Caroline Petitjean
  15h20 P28 A Time-Dependent Joint Segmentation and Registration Model: Applications to Longitudinal Registration of Hepatic DCE-MRI Sequences
      Noémie Debroux , Carole Le Guyader, Guillaume Lienemann, Benoît Magnin, Antoine Vacavant
  15h40 P13 Frame-based reflectance estimation from multispectral images for weed identification in varying illumination conditions
      Anis Amziane, Olivier Losson, Benjamin Mathon, Aurélien Dumenil, Ludovic Macaire
  16h00 P58 Semantic Segmentation Post-processing with Colorized Pairwise Potentials and Deep Edges
      Rémi Ratajczak, Carlos F Crispim-Junior, Béatrice Fervers, Elodie Faure, Laure Tougne
  16h20   Coffee break
  16h40 Tutorial T3 Deep learning for medical imaging analysis (and beyond): latest advances and recipes for success
      Oge Marque, Florida Atlantic Universitys,USA
    Chairs Rachid Jennane, University of Orléans
    18h00 -19h00 Welcome Koctail - Music meets Science group (François Pineau-Benois: Violon & Mark Drobinsky: Cello)
Oral Session 1   Title Machine Learning Methods for Images and Video Analysis
    Chairs Antoine Vacavant, University of Clermont Auvergne
  08h40 P16 Sorting cells from fluorescent markers organization in confocal microscopy: 3D versus 2D images
      Ali Ahmad, Carole Frindel, David ROUSSEAU
  09h00 P18 Mixtures of Variational Autoencoders
      Fei Ye, Adrian Bors
  09h20 P22 Instance segmentation in fisheye images
      Rémi Dufour, Cyril Meurie, Clément Strauss, Olivier Lézoray
  09h40 P24 Literature Review of Deep Learning Models for Liver Vessels Reconstruction
      Abir Affane, Marie-Ange LEBRE, Utkarsh Mittal, Antoine Vacavant
  10h00 P33 Video Seals Recognition using Transfer Learning of Convolutional Neural Network
      Ayoub Karine, Thibault Napoléon, jean-yves mulot, yves auffret
  10h20   Coffee break
Oral Session 2   Title Machine Learning Methods and applications
    Chairs Adrian Bors, University of York
  10h40 P38 Efficient Deep Face Alignment with Explicit Statistical Shape Models in Convolutional Neural Networks
      Marcin Kopaczka, Justus Shock, Paul kruse, Dorit Merhof
  11h00 P50 CenterlineNet: Automatic Coronary Artery Centerline Extraction for Computed Tomographic Angiographic Images 
      Using Convolutional Neural Network Architectures
      Saifeddine RJIBA, Thierry Urruty, Pascal Bourdon, Christine Fernandez-Maloigne, Roger Delepaul, Luc-Philippe CHRISTIAENS, Remy Guillevin
  11h20 P19 Lifelong learning of interpretable image representations
      Fei Ye, Adrian Bors
      Fatemeh NASIRI, Wassim Hamidouche, Luce Morin, Nicolas Dhollande, Gilda Cochorel
  12h00 P59 Deep-learning based segmentation of challenging myelin sheaths
      Raphael JG Caillon, Thomas Le Couédic, Florence Rossant, Hélène Urien, Anne Joutel, Rikesh Rajani
  12h30   Lunch
Invited Speaker 2 14h00 Title Adversarial attacks on image classifiers
      Andrea CAVALLARO, Queen Mary University, UK
    Chairs William Puech, University of Montpellier
Oral Session 3   Title Image and video processing 
    Chairs Dionysis Goularas, University of Yedetipe
  15h00 P25 An original MRI-based method to quantify the Diffuse Low-Grade Glioma brain infiltration
      Cyril Brzenczek, Sophie Mézières, Yann Gaudeau, Marie Blonski, Fabien Rech, Tiphaine Obara, Luc Taillandier, Jean-Marie Moureaux
  15h20 P6 Localization and Correction of Corrupted Pixel Blocks in Noisy Encrypted Images
      Pauline Puteaux, William Puech
  15h40 P75 Image glossiness from curvelet features using SVM-based classification
      Harsh Gandhi, P. Shabari Nath, Rajlaxmi Chouhan
  16h00 P68 Efficient Implementation of Regional Mutual Information for the Registration of Road Images
      Johann Lembach, Ronny Stricker, Horst-Michael Groß
  16h20   Coffee break
Oral Session 4   Title Pattern recognition and computer vision
    Chairs Mourad Oussalah, University of Oulu
      Rui Lourenco, Daniel Rivero-Castillo, Lucas Thomaz, Pedro Amado Assuncao, Sergio Faria, Luís Távora
  17h00 P42 Reconciling Image Captioning and User’s Comments for Urban Tourism
      Yazid Bounab, Mourad Oussalah, Ahlam Ferdenache
  17h20 P64 Single-Modal Video Analysis of Personality Traits using Low-Level Visual Features
      Daniel Helm, Martin Kampel
  17h40 P65 Image-based Classification of Honeybees
      Stefan Schurischuster, Martin Kampel
Special Session 2 09h25 Title Advanced Computational Intelligence in Medical and Biomedical Imaging
    Chairs Yu Guo, Su Ruan, University of Rouen
  09h30 P27 Data augmentation for multi-organ detection in medical images
      Maryam Hammami, Denis Friboulet,  razmig kechichian
  09h50 P37 Investigating CoordConv for Fully and Weakly Supervised Medical Image Segmentation
      Rosana El Jurdi, Thomas Dargent, Caroline Petitjean,  Paul Honeine
  10h10 P39 SegTHOR: Segmentation of Thoracic Organs at Risk in CT images
      Zoé Lambert, Caroline Petitjean, Bernard Dubray, Su Ruan
  10h30   Coffee break
  11h00 P55 Assigning a new glioma grade label groundtruth for the BraTS dataset using radiologic criteria
      Paul Dequidt, Pascal Bourdon, Carole Guillevin, Benoit Gianelli, Claire Boutet, Jean-Philippe Cottier, Jean-Noël Vallée, Christine Fernandez-Maloigne, Remy Guillevin
  11h20 P61 A 3D deep learning approach based on Shape Prior for automatic segmentation of myocardial diseases
      Fabrice MERIAUDEAU, Khawla BRAHIM, Alain Lalande, Arnaud Boucher, Anis Sakly, Abdul Qayyum
  11h40 P66 Deep learning based automatic detection of uninformative images in pulmonary optical endomicroscopy
      Thibaud Brochet, Jérôme Lapuyade-Lahorgue, Sébastien Bougleux, Mathieu Salaun, Su Ruan
  12h30   Lunch
Invited Speaker 3 14h00 Title Video Recognition from Large and Weakly-Labeled Image Datasets
      Eric GRANGER, University of Québec, Canada
    Chairs Mouloud Adel, Aix-Marseille University
Oral Session 5   Title Segmentation and video analysis based deep Learning approaches
    Chairs Jenny Benois-Pineau, University of Bordeaux
  15h00 P71 Deep Recognition-based Character Segmentation in Handwritten Syriac Manuscripts
      Rita Fermanian, Charles Yaacoub, Adib Akl, Petra Bilane
  15h20 P69 Deep Unrolled Network for Video Super-Resolution
      Benjamin Naoto Chiche, Arnaud Woiselle, Joana Frontera Pons, Jean-Luc Starck
  15h40 P70 Robust and discriminating face recognition system based on a neural network and correlation techniques
      Ehsan Sedgh Gooya, Ayman AL FALOU
  16h00 P74 Features Understanding in 3D CNNs for Actions Recognition in Video
      Kazi Ahmed Asif Fuad, Pierre-Etienne Martin, Romain Giot, Romain Bourqui, Jenny Benois-Pineau, Akka Zemmari
  16h20   Coffee break
Oral Session 6   Title Deep Learning applications
    Chairs Caroline Petitjean, University of Rouen
  16h40 P62 Fully automatic CNN-based segmentation of retinal bifurcations in 2D adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy images
      Iyed Trimeche, Florence Rossant, Isabelle Bloch, Michel Paques
  17h00 P8 Symmetric adversarial poisoning against deep learning
      Adrien CHAN-HON-TONG
  17h20 P57 Detection of asian hornet's nest on drone acquired FLIR and color images using deep learning methods
      Tooba Shams, Pascal Desbarats
  17h40 P47 Impact of Deep Learning and Smartphone Technologies in Dermatology: Automated Diagnosis 
      Evgin Göçeri 
  18h00 P10 Cloud Cover Nowcasting with Deep Learning
      Léa Berthomier, Bruno Pradel
Oral Session 7   Title Pattern recognition and computer vision
    Chairs Rostom Kachouri,  ESIEE
  08h40 P52 Semantic image segmentation based on spatial relationships and inexact graph matching
      Jérémy Chopin, Jean-Baptiste Fasquel, Harold Mouchère, Rozenn Dahyot, Isabelle Bloch
  09h00 P35 Fall Detection using Body Geometry in Video Sequences
      Djamila Romaissa Beddiar, Mourad Oussalah, Brahim Nini, Yazid Bounab
  09h20 P15 Unsupervised segmentation of stents corrupted by artifacts in medical X-ray images
      Hugo Gangloff, Emmanuel Monfrini, Christophe Collet, Nabil Chakfe
  09h40 P53 Predicting Brain Degeneration with a Multimodal Siamese Neural Network
      Cecilia Ostertag, Marie Beurton-Aimar, Muriel Visani, Thierry Urruty, Karell Bertet
  10h00 P48 Combined Datasets For Breast Cancer Grading Based On Multi-CNN Architectures
      Adel Abdelli, Rachida Saouli, Khalifa Djemal, Imane Youkana
  10h20   Coffee break
Oral Session 8   Title Image description and localization
    Chairs Jean-Yves Didier, University of Paris-Saclay
  10h40 P54 Taming the curse of dimensionality for perturbed token identification
      Olga Assainova, Jérémy Rouot, Ehsan Sedgh-Gooya
  11h00 P67 Cognitive tasks modelization and description in VR environment for Alzheimer’s disease state identification.
      Florian Maronnat, Margaux Seguin, Khalifa Djemal
  11h20 P41 Impact of Quality Of Images On Users Behavior On Social Media
      Yazid Bounab, Mourad Oussalah, Djamila Romaissa Beddiar
  11h40 P49 Robust Image Wafer Inspection
      Massimiliano Barone 
  12h00 P51 Study of the influence of Age: Use of Sample Entropy and CEEMDAN on Navigation Data Acquired from a Bike Simulator
      Antoine JAMIN, Guillaume DUVAL, Cédric ANNWEILER, Pierre ABRAHAM, Anne HUMEAU-HEURTIER
  12h20 P17 Improved centerline tracking for new descriptors of atherosclerotic aortas
      Hugo Gangloff, Emmanuel Monfrini, Mohamed Zied Ghariani, Mickaël Ohana, Christophe Collet, Nabil Chakfe
  12h40   Closing